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Israeli tanks reach Rafah city center

Several Israeli tanks have reportedly reached Rafah city center on Tuesday, eyewitnesses told Reuters.  The tanks were spotted near …

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Trump hush money trial: Prosecution, defense look to score final points

Elaine Hadley

NEW YORK (AP) — Prosecutors and defense lawyers in Donald Trump’s hush money trial are set to deliver closing arguments to the …

Iconic ‘Home Alone’ house is now on sale for over $5 million; watch video | Trending News

Carol Dennis

The 1990 film Home Alone starring Macaulay Culkin remains the most celebrated Christmas movie. Besides Culkin’s character, Kevin McCallister, what touched the …

Security Council to hold emergency meeting – DW – 05/28/2024

Abhinav Thawait

Skip next section Around a million people flee fighting in Rafah — UNRWA 05/28/2024May 28, 2024 Around a million people flee fighting …

Shop price rises back to ‘normal’, British Retail Consortium says

Barbara Terrio

6 hours ago Shop price rises are back to “normal levels” as the cost of furniture, televisions and other non-food items have …

Zenless Zone Zero Has a Global Release Date Across PC, PS5, iOS, and Android

Brendan Martin

Zenless Zone Zero, the hotly anticipated new game from the makers of Genshin Impact, launches globally on July 4, 2024, across PC, …

Kyle Larson on Indy 500 experience: ‘Race day just sucked … I didn’t really enjoy any of it’

Christine Lake

INDIANAPOLIS – Realizing a dream to race in the Indianapolis 500 turned out to be a bit of a nightmare for 2021 …

Black holes are firing beams of particles, changing targets over time

Daisy Hips

This article has been reviewed according to Science X’s editorial process and policies. Editors have highlighted the following attributes while ensuring the content’s …

He Solved a Medical Mystery and Finds a Key to Alzheimer’s Disease in Simple Amino Acid

Debi Johnson

A view over Guam’s coastal towns – Dorothy CC 2.0. For over decade, big pharma has been pouring billions into drug trials …

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