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This top-selling FiPlus grabber tool is on sale at Amazon

What is it? You’re in your kitchen chopping vegetables when you notice a cherry tomato roll off the counter. Do …

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Scientists discover two new celestial objects in our galaxy

Daisy Hips

Two potential polar ring galaxies, described as a strange celestial object, have recently been discovered by a team of astronomers. A polar …

What to Know About Covid Rebound After Paxlovid Treatment

Debi Johnson

As Covid cases crept up over the summer and new variants have emerged, the basics of preventing and managing the virus have …

Video game performers prepared to strike for more pay, protections

Elaine Hadley

By Danielle Broadway LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Cissy Jones isn’t asking to be paid millions of dollars to give video games their …

Democrats plan to track and corner Republican 2024 candidates on Trump

Evan Massoud

By Jarrett Renshaw PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) – When Republican U.S. Representative Don Bacon was asked if he supports Donald Trump’s bid for the …

LuxClub bamboo bedsheets are on sale at Amazon

Gary Rose

What is it? I’m an insufferable bedsheet snob. For me, sheets have to be undeniably soft, breathable, beautiful, budget-friendly and they should …

Ukraine tries to keep allies close as war fatigue and concerns set in

Abhinav Thawait

Ukraine is trying to keep its international backers close as diplomatic gaffes, war fatigue and elections threaten to upset its alliances and …

World May Not Be Ready for U.S. Interest Rate at 7%, JPMorgan’s CEO Says

Barbara Terrio

The global economy may not be ready to face the worst-case scenario of the U.S. interest rate rising as high as 7% …

Google is killing Gmail’s basic HTML view in 2024

Brendan Martin

Image Credits: TechCrunch Another day, another Google product goes to the graveyard. The company is sunsetting Gmail’s basic HTML view, which allows …

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