19 High Profitable Small Business Ideas in 2020


Looking for business ideas right? it’s a lot easier to find success in a rapidly growing industry than in a stagnant or dying one.- So, while we can’t promise you that these ideas will make you rich quick but they certainly provide a great opportunity.

If you put in the work, you could ride one of these ideas to the top.- While these business ideas aren’t ones you might expect to be packing such growth potential, based on our own analytics and market research.

What Are These Business ideas?

We’ve got about 19 of our favorite hyped up businesses loaded up for you. This all could possible just because of emerging concepts, new technology, changing laws, and changes in culture. Fresh ideas prime to become highly successful are evolving every day.

These rapidly developing industries are perfect to capitalize on and capture some of the growth potentials. Brace for impact, because here they come All right, let’s get to it.

  1. 3D printing

This is a process that’s actually been developing since the ’80s, but in the past several years, it’s become an affordable, accessible, and highly accurate method of product creation with a machine small enough to keep on your desk. And global spending is forecasted to the tune of $40 billion a year.

Entrepreneurs can use 3D printing as a service, or to make custom jewelry, toys, prosthetics, architectural mock-ups, food, and so much more.

  1. Pet cafes

Pet cafes have only been in North America for ages, making this a relatively brand new concept that many cities still don’t have. Partner your pet cafe with shelters for a charitable twist. And in the meantime, expand your offerings with a number of events such as yoga, comedy nights, music, specialty drinks, snacks, and even merchandise.

You can start a cat or a dog café which is really risky to do on the internet, but there are only two dog cafes in the US.

  1. Bee Products

The bee-centric market is even projected to reach $10 billion in a few years. Capitalize on the allure of fresh inventory from local bees, or put new twists on bee products. From food to beauty products, medicines to packaging, therapy, and intersections all practically use bee products doesn’t matter which industry.

  1. Escape rooms

This real-life puzzle experience has swept the world off its feet, emerging in 2007, but seeing a huge boom in the past five years. Even big franchises are starting to get in on these themed rooms. As a brick and mortar destination, this highly popular business will only be saturated as your local market.

Get creative with your concepts and puzzles. And with targeted marketing, your escape room can easily bring in six figures.

  1. Brewery

Craft beers have grown to take over 24% of the $100 billion beer market. And just because of high customer demand the number of breweries to double in the past five years.

Focus on building a strong local brand even as you expand. Your unique voice will give you authenticity. Establishing a taproom will help you locally, and having a website and social media will allow you to promote and grow.

You can consider other alcohols as well, such as a hard seltzer and a few others.

  1. Specialty coffee

This everyday drink is a $100 billion heavyweight market, and the ready-to-drink sector products, like pre-made cold brew, is projected to have a 60% growth in the next few years.

New companies are emerging with unique coffee products with fresh twists, and are taking off like never before. To stand in this competition push your marketing hard, and note special features that will set you apart. This can include interesting flavors, gourmet beans, and sustainable, ethical origins.

  1. Monthly Subscription

Sending a monthly or quarterly shipment of goods is an incredibly successful product strategy, allowing businesses to upsell customers, lock in repeat purchases, and use affiliate business partners to increase revenue.

It’s explosively growth-prone, with successful companies reportedly doubling their size every few months due to high demand.

  1. Diet Snacks

What? Diet snacks? Yes, the diet snacks are highly demanded products in the fitness areas. Apart from that, there are many people who care for their bodies and prefer eating only healthy foods.

So you can supply your diet snacks to these peoples as well as many other diets and healthy eating products that you can supply too. The market potential is huge with easy accessibility.

  1. Beard oil

Speaking of the lifestyle of ancient man, from stylish hipsters to just men wanting to add a little more character to their faces, beards have become increasingly popular in style across the world.  Just because people and their lifestyle is changing the demand has increased the need for a beard growing product

This targets an underserved market that’s constantly looking for a facial hair growing product. Thanks to the popularity of facial hair, and a craze around self-care, oils of this variety are meant to soften, grow, and nourish facial hair.

Make your brand stand out with cool branding and packaging, unique natural ingredients, and even with cool fragrances

  1. A nutritionist

Nutritionists use their knowledge of food and the body to help people live better and longer. This service has an expected growth of 15% over the next few years, as more busy people seek personalized, professional guidance.

Stand above the rest with certifications to give authority, and create ebooks and digital programs to support your customer base from afar.

  1. Mobile Dog Grooming

The pet market is quickly approaching $100 billion. People really want to pamper their hairy babies. As with any mobile business, this is a cool option for physical businesses, without the need to have an actual location.

Mobile grooming also means convenience for the owner. Grow this by adding new services and implementing technology, like scheduling apps. If that’s not your cup tea, you can check out this other truck-based business.

  1. A food truck

I feel like we’ve been talking for a while now. Sure would be convenient if someone drove up and handed me a refreshing beverage. This is exactly where a food truck could come in.

Food trucks, shockingly, are actually growing faster than the restaurant industry. Create something unique, and market it out with the help of social media or paid promotions if your budget allows.

Additionally, it’s easy to expand, too, by adding more trucks or even getting a physical location.

  1. Natural Hair Care Products

Natural hair and eco-friendly hair products are making a big come back, and are highly searched for products. Solutions for natural hair care are still relatively few and far between.

So this is the perfect time to step in with a nicely branded holistic oils, cleansers, conditioners, and Protestants. This can expand into other beauty products, salons, and lifestyle elements.

  1. Ice Cream

Several ice cream brands have recently done lots of cool, sweet industry disruption. A teen entrepreneur made the world’s first almond ice cream in 2015. The frozen banana ice cream maker brand, Yonanas, makes over $5 million in revenue each year. And Halo Top ice cream has been offered a $2 billion buyout. Now is the time to test out some never before seen frozen treats.

  1. Renting Vehicles

No, not like that scene in Stuart Little. This is mostly about scooters, for visitors, guides, who want more ways to explore the streets efficiently, without the hassle of cars. And companies are stepping in with inventive solutions like rentable scooters, bikes, and even cars.

Your town may not have one of these solutions yet. Or, you can find a way to improve or service the emerging industry.  I mean, some enterprising folks have already built companies around impounding these scooters left on private property. Yeah, that’s a hilarious business model. But it’s working for them. There’s a lot of room for growth here.

  1. Living Assistance

Sure, this may not sound interesting. But by 2020, one in five people will be of retirement age. That’s a lot of incoming customers. Even without making a facility, this is an industry that could use a lot of improvement. There may be a product, service, or use of technology that no one has done yet.

  1. Solar Panels

Companies and consumers alike are hunting for ways where they can reduce their footprint. Solar panels have boomed as a search term, and other sustainable energy solutions are being developed and funded more than ever.

Even if you don’t develop your own green energy product, think of the ways that you could use existing technology to improve a product, process, or market. You can even use your knowledge by putting together kits, resources, and installation services.

  1. Bubble Tea

This beverage filled with little tapioca balls is unbelievably delicious. Bubble tea has boomed since the 80sthanks to its increase in popularity around the world. And also the constant efforts by bubble tea brands to innovate with various flavors and styles.

This market is projected to grow by nearly 10% in the next few years. So think about adding this product to your menu, inventing new flavors, or even using it to inspire some part of your next business. This is a lot of high growth prone business ideas.


If this wasn’t enough, check out our other related articles on business ideas. We have a whole section of business ideas on our site. You can input all your needs and find the niche that best fits your lifestyle and personality.

If you somehow don’t see a business ideas there that catches your fancy, and yes, that’s a challenge, leave us a comment. I will look and try to solve your query as soon as possible.


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