5 Cafés You Should Check Out While in Bali


A unique way to experience the food culture of a country is definitely through their cafés. When you visit these cafés, you will also be walking through the streets of the country. So, it will give you an experience that you will not get if you were to just dine in at your hotel restaurant.

If you visit Bali, Indonesia, some cafés also serve authentic Indonesian cuisine as well as great coffee you cannot miss on your trip. Here are some cafés in Bali that we think are worth visiting for your travels.

1. Cat Café, Ubud

At Cat Café in Ubud, you will experience both good food and friendly small feline friends. As Bali’s first cat café, it certainly has its own reputation. The cats there are not just any cats; they are rescued cats. So, you already know that this place is very welcoming to any visitors coming.

When you step into the café, you will be greeted by many cats, and you will see how the café is decorated for both the cats and your enjoyment. While you order yourself some drinks and food, you can play with the fur kids.

Additionally, you could even buy some treats so you can feed the cats as well. The café is adorned with cat trees where you can see little feline friends perched on or resting, just waiting for you to pet them. Plus, this café would look great on your social media page; so bring your camera to show proof of you visiting this cute café.


Source: pexels.com — Ketut Subiyanto

2. Shooters

This is a café for those who would like to play as they sip on their drink and take a bite of their food. Shooters, Bali offers not only tasty food but also entertainment in the form of games for your pleasure.

Shooters has a park-style café with carnival vibes that will be fun to visit with your friends. The café features table tennis, basketball hoops, and foosball which are all free to use. Besides that, they also have a mini golf course with a small fee to play with and a cute photobooth for your social media updates.

This café even serves you some icy fresh Bintang drinks while playing with your friends. Not only that, but you can even feel like a little kid again with their serving of cotton candy. Also, some parts of the café are exposed to the sun, so make sure you bring your sunblock in your bag.

3. Folk Pool and Gardens

If you are in the mood for traditional Indonesian desserts, head on to Folk Pool and Gardens in Bali. They serve delectable banana leaf-wrapped desserts with beautiful presentation for you to eat and take pictures of.

Plus, your entrance to the café also allows you free access to the pool, which you can jump straight in from your private cabana. So, while sipping on a cup of tea and munching on a traditional dessert, you can chill by the pool side and listen to the calming sounds of water.

While here, you can even rest on the hammocks available around. The magical artsy vibes at Folk Pool and Gardens, matched with the menu that they serve, is an experience you would not want to miss. Make sure you do not forget to bring your swimsuit along if you want a dip into the pool.


Source: pexels.com — Ketut Subiyanto

4. Nook

Nook is a café you should visit if you like peaceful and quieter scenes. Here, you can relax in the silence of nature sounds while having delicious café menus. In addition, the place offers you a beautiful view of the greenery surrounding the café, like rice paddies and luscious trees.

The café has a rustic feel from its décor to its furniture and design. It is perfect for when you are finishing your travels or need some downtime. Not to mention the wide views are great for practising photography.

The menu that Nook offers consists of a mixture of worlds. It has Balinese flavours such as their Nasi dishes and Western dishes such as salads or breakfast bowls. So, when you have no idea what to eat, you can head to Nook and get the best of everything.

5. Batik Restaurant Bar

This is where you get to visit while having delicious food and enlighten yourself with knowledge. At Batik Restaurant Bar, you can learn about Batik culture in a fun and interactive way. You can even get mini-Batik tours at this café.

The café is adorned with Batik in every corner you look at. With a mixture of modern and traditional art, this place is very well curated in terms of wanting to educate its diners about the heritage culture. For the menu, they have sweet drinks for you to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

The menu that Batik Restaurant Bar offers are also a nod towards their traditional roots. Featuring its local cuisine as a form of appreciation for the rich local culture. Moreover, after you are done with your meal, you get to walk around the place and marvel at the beautiful Batik designs, including the 23 styles of Batik.

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