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Ariana Grande breaks her silence about Nickelodeon

Carol Dennis

The release of Quiet On Set: The Dark Side Of Kids TV came with bombshell allegations surrounding Nickelodeon. With Drake Bell and …

USA 1-1 Brazil (Jun 12, 2024) Game Analysis

Christine Lake

Christian Pulisic scored with a clever free kick to help the United States to a 1-1 draw with Brazil in Orlando, Florida, …

“Once-in-a-lifetime” cosmic explosion is likely this summer, NASA says. Here’s what to know.

Daisy Hips

A rare eruption of light from a dead star will likely be visible to people on Earth this summer in a fleeting …

Baby Birth Weight May Indicate Your Dementia Risk, Scientists Say

Debi Johnson

The weight of a newborn baby may be linked to the mother’s risk of dementia later in life, a study suggests. Researchers …

Florida weather: Heavy rain and ‘life-threatening flooding’ hits Miami area and other parts of South Florida

Elaine Hadley

CNN  —  Multiple communities across South Florida — including the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas — flooded Wednesday amid bouts of torrential …

US widens Russia sanctions in banking crackdown

Abhinav Thawait

Image source, Getty Images Article information Author, Tom Espiner Role, BBC News 2 hours ago The US has broadened its sanctions on …

Trump embraces Bitcoin in bizarre post to Truth Social

Barbara Terrio

Donald Trump vocalized his support for Bitcoin — and for bringing mining operations for the digital currency to the United States — in a …

Roku owners face the grimmest indignity yet: Stuck-on motion smoothing

Brendan Martin

Enlarge / Motion smoothing was making images uncanny and weird long before AI got here. Aurich Lawson | Getty Images | Roku …

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