Biden’s coronavirus warning, Airbnb readies for IPO, Saudi Aramco bonds


US president-elect Joe Biden has warned that the country’s ability to handle Covid-19 could be hampered if Donald Trump does not allow a smooth transition of power, AirBnB published the prospectus for its long-awaited stock market listing on Monday, and the secretary general of the Basel committee of regulators has argued that shareholder payouts should remain on hold until the long-term impact of the pandemic is clear. Plus, the FT’s senior energy correspondent, Anjli Raval explains why Saudi Aramco is heading to the international bond market. 

Biden warns ‘more people may die’ if Trump refuses to co-ordinate

Airbnb woos investors with return to profit ahead of IPO

Bank regulator calls for dividends to remain on hold

Saudi Aramco to sell billions of dollars in international bonds

Lawsuit tracker: Trump’s battle faces tough test this week

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