Delhi to receive additional 240 metric tonne of oxygen via rail by Wednesday


Delhi is set to receive over 240 metric tonne of liquid medical oxygen via rail, which will take the State’s quota in a 24 hours span to 450 metric tonne.

The State will receive 103.6 mt from Hapa and over 140 mt from Mundra in Gujarat, the railway ministry said on Tuesday.

“Delhi to receive 244 tonnes more Oxygen today. With this ,Oxygen Expresses would deliver nearly 450 MT of LMO to Delhi alone in 24 hours, counting from deliveries that took early hours today,” a railway ministry spokesperson said.

The train from Hapa will reach Delhi Cantt. at about 3 am on Wednesday, and the one from Mundra will reach Tughlakabad at 2 am, officials said.

One train carrying 120 mt of liquid medical oxygen from Durgapur reached Delhi on Tuesday morning while another train from Hapa reached Gurgaon carrying 85 mt oxygen meant for Delhi.

The supply is expected to boost the much needed requirement for hospitals and health care facilities in Delhi which have been sending alarms about an acute shortage of oxygen.

The total daily requirement for oxygen in Delhi is estimated around 590 mt, and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has repeatedly said that the Capital is not receiving enough oxygen from the Centre, which allocated oxygen quotas to States facing the crisis.

The Central government has maintained that there is no shortage of oxygen in the country, but transportation remains a challenge.

Railway ministry officials said that the National transporter was prepared to transport LMO, and the movement of oxygen was dependent on the Centre allocating quotas and the receiving State arranging the tankers for transportation.

The ministry has been mapping routes, opening up new ones to ensure fastest possible movement of oxygen express trains from the originating station to its destination, a senior official said.

The Indian Railways began transporting liquid medical oxygen via trains last month, and has so far operated these trains to Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, among other States.





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