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As a bride-to-be, it is every woman’s dream to look ethereal and flawless, be it the wedding trousseau, the hair, make-up or the skin – everything should be out of a dream but what if you have done everything possible under the sun months or years before your wedding day and still end up getting a few zits here and there, days before the main event? It’s a tricky situation where in as a bride you are supposed to be smiling and glowing but the acne won’t let you.

No one likes last-minute guests and pre-wedding breakouts are one such disaster that can come to ruin your big day planning. Stress can cause acne due to hormonal imbalance in the body, which is very uncommon, especially when we discuss planning events, interviews, meetings or outdoor activities hence, those with an existing acne issue must get treated at the earliest.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Neha Dubey, Consultant Medical and Cosmetic Dermatologist, Medical Director at Gurugram’s Meraki Skin Clinic, suggested:

1. Consult a dermatologist – If you are someone who has suffered from acne on and off, you would know the difference between home remedies and prescription meds. Start consulting a dermatologist at least 6 months before the wedding day if there are any skin or hair issues that you want to fix but don’t refrain from visiting one even a few days before your wedding, as a dermatologist can help in healing those zits faster by using the right chemical peel and lasers. At times, oral antibiotics can save the day efficiently.

2. Avoid dairy and sugar – Although shaadi ke ghar wala khana is too tempting but constantly remind yourself about the way you want to look on your wedding day. Dairy products like milk, cheese and eggs along with the sugar are proven aggravating factors of acne, so concentrate on having a nutritious wholesome diet which is light on the stomach as well. Food items like curd, buttermilk, coconut water, and fruits (not mango) should form a major portion of your daily meals. This will not only keep the pimples away but also aid in the glow.

3. Use pimple patch – Hydrocolloid pimple patches are a great way to heal pimples faster as it seals them and prevents bacterial proliferation due to environmental contamination. They contain ingredients like betaine salicylate which help in exfoliation as well.

4. Keep your hands away from your face – Touching your face all the time or using your nails to itch or excoriate a pimple can make it more worse. So practice hand-off the face policy 10-12 days before your wedding day.

5. Carbon peel – This is a proven way to reduce the size of pimples, reducing the appearance of pores and shine on the face via the use of a carbon solution and Q switch laser. Ask your dermatologist for this if need be.

6. Switch to lightweight makeup products – Heavier moisturizers and foundations have the potential to clog the pores and ultimately lead to acne so switch to lighter aqua gel-based products.

7. Conceal – If you have no time left for any of the above, cover the zits using a pimple patch and then let the makeup artist work their magic.

Bringing her expertise to the same, Dr Karishma Kagodu, Plastic Surgeon, Founder and Managing Director of Dr Karishma’s Aesthetics (Kaesthetics) recommended chemical peels, microdermabrasion or Medi facials. She revealed, “These cosmetic procedures make your skin clear and free from unwanted breakouts. Aim to remove the superficial layer of dry and dead skin cells that play a crucial role in clogging your pores, resulting in acne breakouts. In addition, a combination of topical medicated creams and skin treatments can control your acne.”

She shared a quick listing of the tips that can help you to handle the dreaded pimples when you’re on the deadline:

1. Do not pop the pimples; apply mild warm compresses at regular intervals throughout the day to help drain the clogs.

2. Do not forget to wash your makeup before bed, and using harsh exfoliation should be avoided.

3. A cortisone shot may be recommended to reduce inflammation in cystic acne.

4. Salicylic acid, niacinamide-based face washes, acts as a pore-cleaning powerhouse and may be recommended to treat breakouts.

5. Avoid OTC products, which could worsen the situation.

6. Before having the facial spa session get your cosmetologist’s okay to avoid a last-minute disaster.

7. Be consistent with your acne treatment at least 6-8m months prior to your wedding date.

According to Dr Sravya C Tipirneni, Consultant Dermatologist and Cosmetologist at Bangalore’s Manipal Hospitals, pre-wedding time is usually all about a lot of shopping excitement and too much stress which is most often not spoken about. She highlighted, “All the brides usually spend 6-8 months prior to the wedding getting themselves and their skin and hair in order and the damage is usually done in the last 4 weeks prior to the wedding date. There is a simple reason for all of this. The shopping, the travel prior to the wedding and the stress hormones being released in the body always convert into something that shows up on the skin. This stress hormone is called cortisol and it’s very common in any stressful situation in the human body. This cortisol increases the oil production from our sebaceous glands and causes a breakout or acne right before the wedding.”

Dr Sravya C Tipirneni insisted, “Even last minutes alone procedures are not advised as the creamy substances massaged into the skin cause the face to break out just before the wedding. The best method to deal with a sudden breakout is always to keep in touch with your dermatologist. Ice cubes also help to reduce inflammation and redness. Prevention is the best cure but sometimes we can’t help it so use the above measures carefully!”

Do not miss the attempt to fade the acne/dark marks, which are equally annoying as breakouts. Vitamin-C (L-ascorbic acid) helps diminish acne marks and even out skin tone with its antioxidant properties. Always get a dermatologist consult before starting your skincare journey.



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