House Moves 101: Creative Ways Your Smartphone Can Help


If you’re a busy professional, it’s very likely that you have your smartphone on hand at all times. After all, it’s important to make sure you have a means to contact your coworkers and your loved ones, and for your apps to notify you of events at work and your social circles at all times. As such, if you’re planning on making a move, things might get overwhelming as you need to manage your schedule, your expenses, and other logistical concerns that may make up much of your time. After all, it’s hassling handling all your moving needs with a journal and extra gadgets, right? Interestingly, you can actually do everything you need with your move within the confines of your trusty smartphone. How can you do this? Here are some of the most creative ways your smartphone can help with your move:


  • Submit and accomplish your documents and requirements online. Thankfully, you most likely don’t have to go to your new home in the next state just to settle your documents. Most of the time, government offices and even a lot of companies now accept digital signatures and digital papers in terms of their homeownership requirements. As such, if you’re planning on hiring apartment movers and other services, try to ask if they can accept documents submitted online or digitally, as you can easily accomplish your forms by filling them up online and submit them via apps such as DocuSign. 
  • Create an inventory in the cloud. If you want to manage your inventory, chances are you’d get a notebook and make a list. Thing is, you can lose that notebook or even forget to bring it with you. Instead of listing your belongings in a physical object, it might be best to do it over the cloud. Using your phone’s built-in notes app or even with a digital spreadsheet that’s connected to the cloud, you can form an inventory of your belongings in your phone and save them without having to worry about the information getting lost. Moreover, if it’s in the cloud, you can share your inventory with your relatives and other housemates so you can plan which things to bring, sell, and throw away during the move.
  • Buy your new furniture and other materials online. Instead of wasting money, time, and gasoline just going to new stores for your furniture, why not just buy them online? This is especially the case with your packaging materials, as you can actually use new online apps that let you order new materials online, enabling you to buy packaging tape, boxes, and other moving tools – shipped within the same day! This will make your moving process much faster, as you can do everything from your home. 
  • Schedule your moving process throughout a calendar app. Similar to using a notes app, you can use your phone’s built-in calendar app or download a specialized calendar app in order to organize everything in your moving process. This is especially if you’re working with a timeline or if you’re trying to manage a move alongside your other duties at work or at school. That way, you can organize your moving calendar alongside your other important tasks and not forget anything in the process. Mots apps have checklists and even the ability to post related pictures, which helps make sure you know what certain things look like during the task. 
  • Organize your professional assistance with voice calls. Instead of meeting your moving packing services, you may actually want to communicate with them via messaging apps and services. This can be extremely convenient for both you and your moving services, as you don’t have to waste a few hours of travel just to talk about your requests and needs. Moreover, you don’t have to ask them to go to your new home if they want to survey the location, and you can just give them a quick house tour via a conference call. This makes it extremely convenient on your end especially if you’re on a tight schedule or if you don’t want to bring a lot of things with you. 


House Moves: Your Smartphone Can Lead To Success

Thanks to the above tips, you might be surprised to see how your smartphone can be your trusty assistant for your entire move. With the help of various apps, and even built-in smartphone features, you’ll be able to set up your move without worrying much about your logistics as well as other integral aspects of your house move. Remember, you can maximize your smartphone by making sure it’s tweaked to exactly how you’d like it to help out with your problems and needs. As such, you may actually be able to organize your entire move with just this tiny device. If you have other tips and tricks for using your smartphone in a house move, feel free to let us know!


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