How to defy dry skin: Expert shares tips for winter dermal care


Winter is coming and with it are umpteen skin problems. The dry air outside and lack of humidity indoors are the reason behind the majority of skin issues during the season. “Skincare during winters is far more difficult than in any other season because of the harsh winds. As we get closer to winter temperatures and the humidity drops quickly; skin needs to work harder to maintain hydration,” explains Mumbai-based celebrity cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Jaishree Sharad. “The season tends to make the skin dry, flaky, and dehydrated. The urge to avoid water also leads to skipping of cleansing and exfoliation. Taking care of skin is a year-round practice but extra care needs to be taken during winters when the skin is most fragile.”

Seasonal changes in general can wreak havoc on our skin if we don’t make suitable alterations to our skincare routine. “With seasons changing, our skin needs to adjust the most. Lifestyle changes such as taking hot showers and central heating also affect the skin. Whether you work in an office or outside, the change of seasons affects skin health,” adds Sharad.

In cold weather, it becomes essential that we take extra care of our skin and follow a season-friendly beauty regime to keep the moisture intact in the skin. Below, the specialist outlines winter skin issues and shares tips on how to tackle them:


The most common issue faced by people is dry skin. The cold air is responsible for taking away the moisture from our skin, leaving it scaly and dry. In such a harsh environment, even water in the skin gets evaporated due to the drop in the humidity level.

It’s essential to stay hydrated, so that our skin doesn`t become dehydrated when it comes in contact with the chilly air. Besides using moisturisers, we should also nourish our body with foods that can replenish our body’s moisture.

Chapped lips

Another persistent issue is chapped lips. The dryness of our skin gets transported to our lips, making it chapped and cracked.

Go for products that have Vitamin A and E in it. Such products enable us to repair our damaged skin. For better results, apply cool water in your lips before the application of the product which we have opted for making our lips smooth and soft.

Flaky skin

Besides dryness, winter skin problems can become severe which can lead to skin cracks and flakes if you aren’t taking proper care of the skin. The flaky skin issue often comes up no matter if we are using the moisturiser on a regular basis.

In order to avoid flaky skin, gentle exfoliation wash is a must. High PH soaps should be avoided in winters as they can cause inflammation, dryness, and disrupt the outer layer of the skin. Ensure that you are not rubbing the towel against the skin to protect the skin from further damage of flaky skin.

We can also opt for injectable skin remodeling treatment like Profhilo, which has a range of treatments that can help to keep our skin hydrated and nourished over the winter season. These include fractional mesotherapy, skin boosters, and lip fillers. One can contact their skin care expert to discuss the perfect treatment.

Ultraviolet damage

We often mistake the absence of scorching heat as the absence of sunlight. Most people tend to skip sunscreen owing to the low intensity of sun rays during winters, forgetting that ultraviolet rays are equally present in our atmosphere as they’re in summers.  These rays from the sun penetrate our skin deeply from the epidermis to the dermis, causing hazardous side effects. People with freckles should be extra cautious as it’s an indication to stay protected from further UV damage.

We need to wear sunscreen even in winter no matter if we are at home or stepping out. Opt for natural beauty products, which have built-in sunscreen protection, wrinkles, and other signs of premature skin ageing. In order to bid adieu to the large and dark spots, use moisturizer. It also helps to ease out irritation and maintain a smooth and even complexion.

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