How To Do Online Promotion Of Your Rock Concert


As a result of COVID 19, concert producers struggle to put on safe events and advertise them to music fans. What worked in the past no longer works now, and that’s a fact. You need to alter your approach if you want your rock concert to be a success. 

Traditional approaches such as handing out fliers and posting posters around town still have their place, but it’s now smarter to advertise today’s performances online via digital means. Those who prefer staying home instead of going out to clubs or upcoming concerts to avoid standing in line for public bathrooms are missing out.

This post will teach you how to implement a marketing outreach strategy for your rock concert.

All Websites Should Be Updated

Bands shouldn’t rely entirely on SoundCloud for their online existence, and you shouldn’t promote your event solely on social media. A credible website will help you build a solid online presence as a concert promoter who puts on safe and entertaining events.

Do you need to learn to program or employ a web developer to accomplish this? Not at all. Website builders help create a fully functional website in a few hours. People who want to see what’s on your calendar on the go won’t have trouble using it because it will be mobile-responsive.

Organize your site calendar to make it simple and quick to read. List band names and event locations in a spreadsheet-style manner, along with the show timings, ticket prices, and a link to purchase tickets.

Design A Poster

Who doesn’t love a poster of their favorite group or performer? It might sound old-fashioned in the digital age, but they still have an impact. Upload the same images to your social media to grab your audience’s attention. 

You won’t capture anyone’s attention if you don’t have an eye-catching poster, and these self-promoting ads are everywhere you look on social media. It’s hard to stand out from the crowd if you don’t have anything special. Use the most elaborate concert poster template for better imagery and quality. Then, distribute your final products widely via social media and print.

Distributing posters across town increases the people’s interest in your rock band. Make an announcement on your website or by email to find eager volunteers who’ll help out in exchange for a complimentary pass. 

To broaden your digital reach, consider partnering with local influencers. People with a large social media following can assist you in selling tickets and gaining new fans.

Post Videos of Your Performances Here

Too many bands and artists who try to sell concert tickets and promote events without demonstrating what their audience will be getting for their money don’t get a great response. Don’t make that mistake.

Video has a lot of sways. There’s nothing more effective than demonstrating your talent to others. Let the world know that you’ve ticked all the right boxes and put in the time and effort to become an outstanding live performer. Posting video content online is the ideal medium for showcasing this.

Include a clip or a live video of your performance in your concert promotion campaign that shows off what you’ve got. Audiences will know what they will miss by not attending your rock concert.

While your ability to create flyers, print advertisements, online ads and press releases is also essential, the video will want people to attend your concert to see you play live.

People aren’t going to sit and imagine what you’ll be like on stage to buy your tickets. Let them see. Motivate your audience by showing them how much they stand to gain by attending your performance.

Run Paid Digital Advertising

If you want to generate money in the music industry, like any other, you’ll need a budget for paid internet advertising.

Facebook Ads

It’s easier to generate Facebook advertising because you already have a Facebook Business Page. In this way, you can limit your ad campaign’s reach to simply those in the vicinity of the event’s location.

Additionally, you can target an audience based on their age and interests. Many people who haven’t attended a live concert and probably won’t can be screened out in this method, saving you money on tickets.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a successfully paid advertising channel. Instead of using demographics to narrow your audience, you’ll use a strategy called keyword targeting. Try to figure out how people find your events by doing some research. It might be something basic like a “rock music concert near me.”

Pay-per-click (PPC) adverts allow you only to pay when someone clicks on your ad. Why are Google ads so popular and compelling? Because they’re worth the investment.

Create An Event Page On Facebook

Some people do not have a website for their band or find it too time-consuming to keep it current. One of the most significant ways to get the word out about a concert in your area is by organizing an event on Facebook and inviting your friends.

Users can quickly consume content and share event feedback on Facebook or other platforms.

It’s a great place to post information about your performances, estimated stage times, and other important information.

A Facebook event also allows your fans the chance to invite their peers to the location to watch you perform!


Concert organizers are in charge of bringing the audience to the show. A concert promoter controls every aspect of the event, but nothing is more critical than ensuring that a concert or event has the broadest possible promotional reach. When it comes to attracting as large a crowd as possible, a concert organizer needs to be just as active online as they are in person. 

Promoting your rock performance has never been easier than with these tips. You’ll be able to connect with new people and build a following. What’s more refreshing and energizing than that? Only your performance and the crowds going wild watching you. 


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