National BJP leaders in wait-and-see mode


The national BJP team has adopted a ‘wait and watch’ mode to address the situation in West Bengal after its national vice-president Mukul Roy and his son rejoined the TMC. This defection, according to many senior leaders, is symptomatic of a larger problem of dissent among the party leaders and workers. This comes even as there are speculations about the party banking on Nandigram MLA Suvendu Adhikari as the face of the party.

Senior party leaders told ET that the BJP is waiting for the situation to play out in the state, before the organisation starts rebuilding itself again.

“In the last few months, many people with artificial leanings have come to the party. There was large-scale suspicion as to who is working for whom. But now that the elections are not here, the party has the time and only those who don’t seek short-term benefits will stay,” a party functionary said.

“At least, the CM was there, protesting for the release. In our case, we have even requested the law minister to look into the false cases being lodged against our workers, but the party has done little,” the party functionary said.

A Delhi-based BJP leader said the party was now looking at critical matters of organisation in states such as UP, Uttarakhand and Gujarat which are heading for assembly polls and in MP and Karnataka where there have been some concerns over the government’s functioning.





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