SaaS Solutions: Software as a Service


What are SaaS solutions?

SsaS stands for “Software as a Service” and refers to what we colloquially call cloud applications. The cloud is a global network made up of remote servers created to manage data, store it or run applications. Many of the applications we use every day follow the SaaS model. The most common examples are email, calendars, or office tools.

Currently, the use of software as a service is transforming the business software market as it enables freelancers and SMEs to access previously unthinkable functionality. Today, SaaS model solutions stand out because they are economically feasible, accessible around the clock and much more secure.


All the benefits you can get from SaaS.

  • Payment of licenses: it is possible to contract only the services that will be used. In addition, pay-as-you-go offers the option of purchasing full licenses or paying monthly installments.
  • The client does not necessarily have to have a specialized support area. This reduces costs and investment risks.
  • They can always be updated to the latest available version, automatically or manually, depending on the supplier’s case.
  • The guarantee of the availability of the application and its proper functioning is the responsibility of the IT company.
  • Regarding the economic question, we find different offers which depend on the alternative you take.
  • All costs are included in one fee, so if you are always up to date, you will be able to have an application with all its updates and improvements.
  • It is possible to access at any time if there is an Internet connection.
  • When you follow the pay-per-license model, there is no type of commitment when adopting these solutions. The user can cancel access to licenses or change them at any time.

Beyond SaaS: Other Types of Cloud Services.

The SaaS model is distinguished by the provision of applications on demand via the Internet. In this case, software and applications on the Internet are provided by service providers.

Besides SaaS solutions, there are other types of cloud services:

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service): It is the most used and the most basic. Supplier servers are hosted in software and client, through the web browser.
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service): PaaS (Platform as a Service): This service includes IaaS. Users can distribute and design their own applications there through access to the cloud environment offered by the provider.

The advancement of SaaS today

In Spain, SaaS growth exceeds 30% per year, because due to the economic situation we find ourselves in, many large companies are studying the migration to SaaS because of the savings and the benefits it brings.

This almost immediately improves the customer experience, so there is every indication that solutions of the SaaS model will continue to gain ground over traditional software. Permite de forma casi inmediata mejorar la experiencia de los clients, por lo que todo apunta a que las soluciones en modelo SaaS seguirán ganando terreno frente al software tradicional.


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