Spy Bahu 1st July 2022 Written Episode Update: Sejal and Yohan keep fast for each other


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The Episode starts with Sejal telling Veera about the fast, they keep for their husbands. Yohan keeps the sandwich hearing this. Minal says I have keeping this fast since years. Shalini says she don’t believe on all this. Sejal says if you believe then it is sindoor or red spot. Veera says she will fast for Aarun. Drishti says she will keep fast for Abhi. Shalini says even I will keep. Veera asks the Servant to keep all the swinger. Minal says we decorate it with our husband’s help. She says we shall get the mehendi applied on our hand.

Drishti asks when to break this fast. Sejal says husbands make their wives swing on these swinger and then make them drink zeera water in the evening. She then thinks to ask about the DNA report and collides with Yohan. She asks if you have any work? Yohan asks when she is leaving after 6 months, then why she is keeping the fast. Sejal says she has kept the fast and says marriage is for 6 years or 6 months and says it shall be good until it is in warranty period. He says you want to say that I shall go to hell after the warranty period. She says why? She says you will have Mahira’s prayers with you. He asks if it doesn’t matter to her, about his love for Mahira. Sejal says she don’t care as she don’t love him. She says he shall get a good girl and not greedy and liar girl like her. She asks shall I leave? He says how can I stop you? She walks away. Kehdo naa plays….Sejal thinks she don’t want him to get hurt later. He thinks Sejal makes him upset. Bomba comes there and says he wants to have sweet with him. Yohan says he don’t like it and his stomach is full. Bomba asks what did you have in breakfast? Yohan says paneer paratha. Bomba says there was no paratha in the kitchen and asks if he is keeping fast. Yohan asks him not to tell anyone.

Sejal is decorating her swing. Yohan offers to help her. He feels dizzy. She asks are you fine? He says yes, gets down from the swing and falls in Sejal arms. Sejal holds him. Minal asks what happened? Yohan says he has slipped. Minal asks him to be careful. Sejal asks Yohan, if he is feeling dizzy. Bomba comes and asks him to have sweets. Yohan puts sweet in his mouth. Sejal asks did you keep the fast? She brings water and asks him to drink it. He refuses. Bomba tells Sejal that if jiju’s fast breaks then your life will be less. Sejal is surprised and feels special.

Shail and Krish ask Yohan if he has kept the fast. Yohan says it is fake news. Krish tries to make him have sweets. Yohan runs. Minal asks Sejal if Yohan has kept fast for her. Sejal says yes and asks her not to ask. Shalini comes to eat food. Bomba says he will tell everyone. Shalini says I will get you remote car. He says I need many things which I will write in the list. Shail comes there and asks Shalini if she broke fast. Shalini says I am making Bomba eat it. bomba takes the samosa and leaves. Shail eats samosa and asks Shalini to say the truth.

Sejal sits on the swing. Yohan pushes the swinger. Song plays…kehdo naa…Saras and Shail too do the rituals with their wives. Veera asks Aarun to come. He says he don’t believe on these rituals. Minal says do it for your wife’s happiness. Aarun agrees and pushes the swinger. Sejal gets up. Saras says all the husbands shall make their wives have water. Everyone makes their wives have water. Yohan asks Sejal to drink water. Sejal asks him to break his fast first. Veera asks if that rumor was right. Krish asks Shail to learn something from Yohan. Shail asks him to see 5 years later. Yohan tells Sejal that she will forget him after 6 years. She makes him drink water. He asks her to drink it. Just then something falls in the water. He says I will bring the water. Sejal gets a message to come and collect the report. Sejal thinks to go and get it. Yohan comes back and thinks where did she go?

Sejal sees the report and gets emotional to see the DNA matching. She says now I have strong proofs that Abhishek is Farid bhai. She says main guilty is Farid and not Yohan. She thinks to tell the secret to SK. She calls Yohan and asks him to come to the under construction building. Yohan says ok, I am coming. She comes to the building and sees someone standing. She says Yohan, I want to tell you everything about me and my Farid bhai. Abhi turns to her whistling. She is shocked and says Farid Bhai.

Precap: Abhi tells Sejal that he is thinking her wrong due to Yohan Nanda, he is our big enemy. He says today he will be no more. Abhi or his goon try to bury Yohan inside the walls.

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