Top 6 Reasons Why Google My Business Is Important for Small Business Owners


One of the biggest tech companies in the world, Google has reshaped the world with its amazing services. Today, more and more people rely on the famous search engine to not only find answers to their questions, but also to discover new products and offerings in their locality. In 2014, Google launched its highly useful tool called, Google My Business or GMB. It is really helpful for small business owners. How? Well, read on to find out!

Google My Business allows both business owners and marketers to manage how their businesses will be shown in Google Search & Map. They do this by creating their listing on Google which includes name, contact information, address, hours of operation, and a website link. Here are six ways how Google My Business will help small businesses:

#1. Increases the Visibility on Google Search & Map

One major benefit that small business owners can get from creating their Google My Business listing is that it can improve your business’s visibility on both Google search and Google Maps. It is because GMB profiles are displayed in the local 3-pack area. It is the place that comes after the first three listings of Google Adwords advertisement whenever someone performs a Google search. This is where you will aim to appear as doing it will allow you to tap into potential revenue. Your business will become prominent in results, enabling you to attract even more customers. However, before you get to make your listing, it is important to have an uninterrupted internet connection. Why? Well, it will save you from repeating the whole process if your internet breaks. I personally use Spectrum Internet and for me, it works just fine.

#2. Costs You Nada

Google My Business is free! Yes, you read that right. This service can unlock unlimited potential for your business. You just need to put in some effort to get your GMB profile to the local 3-pack area and you will be all set. Apart from your business details like location, website, and number, your free GMB profile will also give more insights to the potential customer by showing them your review ratings.

#3. Share More Information with Your Customers

Google My Busines gives complete control to business owners in terms of what they want to share with their potential customers. They can even post news, different updates, offers, urgent announcements, and much more just like how Spectrum Tv does to keep their customers informed about their deals. These posts appear on Google Search & Map, allowing you to keep your customers updated at all times. However, one thing which you should consider before posting is what you want to achieve. Is it letting your customers know about your new product or service? Or do you want to drive customers to your new location? This will allow you to design your posts accordingly. Also, don’t forget to include a call to action or CTA in your post which will make the customers take action like buy, visit, call, or learn more.

#4. Equips You with Video Feature

The video feature has been made available on GMB which you can use to show your business environment. The maximum length of the video that you can record is 30 seconds. It takes approximately 24 hours for the video to appear on the listing. However, always remember to shoot the videos in your business setting or Google will take it down. Here are some ways that this feature can help you.

  • Videos can get you higher engagement
  • You can market your services better
  • It can provide you an opportunity to showcase your products better

Before using this feature please remember that the minimum resolution of your video should be 720p. Also, the size of your file shall not exceed 100MB.

#5. Gives You Heat Map Insights

Google My Business’s Heat Map is a great feature as it offers more transparency to the business owners. What this feature does is that it highlights the locations where people are searching for directions to your business. This will allow you to find untapped geographic territories where owners can expand by considering the demand for their service.

#6. Menu Option

If you are a restaurant owner then making a profile on Google My Business has become all the more important for you. Why? Well, because now there is an option of menu editor which you can use to edit or create your restaurant menus. This will enable the customers to see what you offer along with the price list of every item. You can even break the menu into sections like desserts, entrees, and appetizers.

#7. Respond to Your Potential Customers in Real-Time

Google has added an exciting messaging feature to its Google My Business. This will allow you to chat with your potential customers in real-time who discover your profile in the search results. You will have the option to turn on or off this feature. If you want to activate it, then people visiting your profile will see a message icon. They can tap it to initiate a chat. You will be able to reply to them via Google messenger or SMS. It is similar to calling Spectrum customer service number (1-855-837-6837). The only difference is that your customers will be chatting with you. Remember, that Google will not provide you with the phone number of people who chat with you.


Small business owners sometimes may not have enough resources to market their products and services. For them, Google My Business is a total gamechanger. This service is not only free but helps one to uncover the true potential of their business. You just have to strive for getting a place in the local 3-pack which will happen due to regular engagement and effective optimization of your GMB listings. This tool can quite easily help your business grow by driving more traffic which will lead to more sales.


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