Totally Killer – Plugged In

Violent Content

This film begins by narrating the grisly murders of three teenage girls. It tells us that these victims were each stabbed 16 times. And we see police photos of the blood-filled crime scenes (as well as wax doll replicants).

From there, it only gets worse.

Seven more deaths take place on screen. And each of these is accompanied by a gruesome fight sequence. The female victims get beaten up and tossed around like sacks of flour. One girl is thrown over a staircase, cracking her body on the steps below. Other young women have their heads slammed into various pieces of furniture. More than one victim attempts to crawl away from the Sweet 16 Killer only to be easily caught and repeatedly stabbed. (He also slices one girl’s neck open from behind and stabs a man in the head.) And the killer doesn’t mind beating the snot out of those who attempt to help his intended victims either.

Speaking of those helpers, they deal some blows of their own. The teenagers band together to punch, kick, stab, crowbar and break vases over the killer’s head. One girl even attempts to shoot him with a gun. She misses, but even if she hadn’t, it’s hard to say if it would’ve worked. Being outnumbered doesn’t deter this serial lunatic. Neither does being stabbed. He just pulls the knife out of his own back and uses it to keep stabbing others.

Someone is killed by a scythe. A woman attempts to fight off an assailant using hidden guns around her home and knives from her kitchen. A teen boy describes a video game where bad guys explode in a shower of pink dust when players kill them. Later, we see a man die in a similar manner after he’s shot in the chest multiple times with a nail gun. We hear that a teen girl died in a drunk-driving accident.

A teen girl accidentally cuts her hand with a knife because she was too drunk and high to realize that it was her hand and not the food. We see several characters sporting cuts and bruises after their encounters with the Sweet 16 Killer. A woman finds her daughter bleeding on the floor after the killer attacked her.

During an intense game of dodgeball, several girls are whacked in the face, and one loses her retainer. Another girl receives a bloody nose, but her gym coach places the blame on her for not catching the ball instead of on the overly aggressive thrower.

A bully puts another teen boy in a headlock. The same bully throws a girl over his shoulder to remove her from a party. When he attempts to do so a second time, she uses self-defense to shove him into a kitchen counter.

Jamie notices a boy writing very violent statements (such as “shoot them all”) in a notebook. She also learns he spent time in juvie for fighting classmates. And later on, she kicks him in the face, believing he was going to hurt her. (He wasn’t, and she apologizes.)

Several teenagers watch a movie about killer robots, and we see characters getting shot in that film. A young woman states her belief that someone should have to kill at least six victims to be considered a serial killer. (And she’s condescended for her inappropriate comments since several people still died.)

[Spoiler Warning] Jamie eventually learns the Sweet 16 Killer’s motive. It turns out that Pam’s three best friends (“the Mollys” as they’re known around school) got one of their classmates drunk at a sleepover in order to find out if a nasty rumor about her was true. Distraught by their bullying, the girl left the party and attempted to drive home. But impaired by her inebriation, she crashed and died. The Sweet 16 Killer (and Jamie, too) blames the Mollys for the girl’s death and goes on his revenge killing spree. Near the end of the film, we learn of a second Sweet 16 Killer. And he justifies his own round of murders because his podcast about the original killer was losing interest. (He also kills his own father in the past because the man was allegedly more interested in his career than his son.)


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