What is a marketplace? Features and Benefits


The marketplace is a business model based on a digital platform that functions as a showcase and through which it is possible to sell and buy any product at any time and in any place.

It is possible to register as a seller or as a buyer. Usually, a marketplace usually works by charging a commission for each product sold. The markets have assumed a great revolution in consumption and continue to evolve. Your next goal? To be able to offer more services to the companies that sell them. Gradually, they became big rivals for conventional shopping centers.


Types of contracts

  • There are 3 models on the market depending on the criteria followed. Taking into account whether the seller and the buyers are companies or individuals:
  • B2B (Business to Business): products sold by companies and intended to be purchased by other companies.
  • B2C (Business to Consumer): products sold by companies to end consumers.
  • C2C (Client to Consumer): products sold by consumers (sometimes second-hand) to other consumers.


Benefits of buying and selling in a market

During the purchase …


  1. A single platform gives access to a wide variety of products from different brands. This makes it easier to compare prices and features.
  2. By having information on whether the product is available and being able to see the stock in real-time, decisions are more accurate.
  3. These platforms constantly offer many offers and promotions. This is an advantage because users can find better prices than in the same online store of the brand that we are looking for.
  4. Due to the large volume of sales, they maintain agreements with parcel companies, the cost of shipments being much lower and sometimes even free.
  5. The amount of feedback we have on the products is a very important and remarkable aspect. This information for the user is very useful in choosing to make the purchase.
  6. The market has no time limit, so we can access and buy these platforms at any time of the day.

At the time of sale …


  1. The marketplace functions as an additional sales channel, where it is possible to sell items that we do not want to sell on another channel. It is also possible to sell second-hand goods or by categories, which facilitates the sale of the products.
  2. It allows you to achieve a very high volume of traffic if you have your own e-commerce.
  3. In exchange for a monthly subscription, you can sell your products in a marketplace without having to set up your own eCommerce.
  4. Brands save on banking costs as users make a payment on the platform and it is this platform that makes payment to the brand.
  5. The market facilitates the sale in the international market. In recent years, there has been an increase in the international online market, especially the sale of home and pet products.
  6. Cross-selling on this platform plays a very important role. When a user performs a search, products that complement the search results are also displayed. Thus, the put options from related searches are multiplied.

What are the most popular markets in our country?

As a leader in Spain, we find Amazon which, without specializing in any sector, has expanded its offer. Competitively priced and has an excellent shipping system.


EBay’s beginnings on the network were linked to its auction system (which it still maintains today), but after criticism; He also introduced the sale of products. Last year, the exports of its Spanish sellers increased by 13%.


Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the world’s largest e-commerce company Alibaba is also among the most successful markets in Spain thanks to Aliexpress. The latter involves differentiating by offering the best consumer protection.


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