Unknown & Interesting Cake Facts You Didn’t Know

The word “cake” brings a big smile to our face. A cake is a symbol of deliciousness. Every occasion calls for a cake. Today’s article talks about some Unknown & Interesting cake facts. Take a look!

Roman introduced the concept of cake, and then in the 8th century, the cake had a simpler version, unlike modern ones which is a mixture of savoury ingredients. Original bread was used, and consistency was given with butter and eggs. Honey was used as a sweetener. The Greeks also invented a type of cheesecake made from goat’s milk.

The term ‘cake’ originated from the North Germanic word ‘kaka’.

November 26 is also known in the United States as National Cake Day, an informal holiday whose origins are unknown, celebrating and honouring cake, the champion’s meal.

Story of blowing candles: Everything has a story, so this one. Blowing out the candles is the trend found in Italy, but its origins are from ancient Greece. The tradition’s story is that the Greeks lit candles on cakes in honour of the birth of the goddess Artemis on the sixth day of every lunar month.

Earlier, people used to light candles at a time so that smoke would take their prayers to heaven. In addition, the cake was offered to the goddess of the moon, and the candles symbolized the moon’s shining light. However, in modern times such a tradition is not believed but is followed.

Originally the cakes were round in shape in the early days to depict the sun and moon which symbolize life in nature. Although today we have different types of shapes available.

One of the world’s largest birthday cakes was made for centennial birthday of Los Vegas. To celebrate, a cake was made weighing 6.18 tons which is almost equal to an African elephant!

In ancient times, the cake had an important meaning. Southern-United launched a cakewalk dance competition in African-American communities. The competition was for a graceful walk, and whoever won the cakewalk was given a delicious cake as a prize.

One of the interesting cake facts about Red Velvet is very amusing. Once a lady ate a red velvet cake in a restaurant and liked it very much. She asked the restaurant for the recipe, and they charged $ 100 for the same. She became furious and circulated the recipe widely for revenge.

Do you know that the older the fruitcake is – the better it is? Fruit cakes were eaten by the Crusaders of Roman origin, who kept them full for a long time. The British then used dry fruits supplied by the Mediterranean.

The first chocolate cake was made in 1886 by American cooks. They added chocolate to the cake batter, and the experiment was a success.

Ever heard this saying that you can’t have your cake and eat it too? This phrase dates back to the 1500s but in reverse order. People say, ‘you can’t eat your cake and have it’ up until 1935 when the reversed order became more popular.

Royal icing- Queen Victoria can be credited for one of the most famous cake trends. She was one of the first people to have pure white icing on her wedding cake, and that is why to this day it is called ‘Royal Icing’.

Did you know that the world’s longest cake made by some school members in Jakarta is 108 feet, 3 inches high? The world’s most expensive cake was “Pirates Fantasy” which cost about $ 35 million.

The first wedding cake was made in 1858 for the wedding of Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter (also known as Victoria). Queen Victoria’s own wedding cake was 2.7 m and weighed 136 kg which was just a single tier.

Girls used to put wedding cake pieces under pillows for their future husband’s dreams

Many records are made by people eating cake. In 2003, a woman named Sonya Thomas set a world record by eating 4lbs of fruitcake in just 10 minutes. In 2012, Patrick Berletti again ate 72 cupcakes in just 6 minutes and set a record.

So, now you are aware of the unknown and interesting facts about cake. One more interesting fact is that you can avail online cake delivery in Kochi or wherever you reside at the comfort of your home. Celebrate your occasions and events with delicious cakes and share the above trivia with your friends and family.


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